Patchwork Quilts

Patchwork quilting is a popular past-time in Australia. Most hand made patchwork quilts are a labor of love made for loved ones as unique gifts. All the quilts listed on this site are made by Chris C. Making patchwork quilts for over 35 years having made hundreds of patchwork quilts and pieced works. Only the highest quality cotton fabrics, threads and wadding are used. Some of the quilts were made while instructing studio classes the others were made due to their appealing design.

Long Arm Machine Quilting

With over 15 years professionally machine quilting with Edge to Edge Quilting all of the quilts for sale are quilted by Chris C. Long arm machine quilting is done using a commercial quilting machine. The pieced front of the patchwork quilt, the wadding and the backing are sewn together on the very large sewing machine. The quilt is then almost complete with trimming and sewing on the binding the only tasks left to complete the quilt. Quilting done by hand is hard to do and takes a lot of time. Most quilters pay a commercial quilting service to complete their works.

View our Quilt Pics

Take a look at our images section to see other works by Chris C. She had made and quilted some amazing patchwork quilts having won awards at quilting shows for her work. Her portfolio of work is extensive with a wide range of different designs every quilt is unique. Get inspiration to make your own works of art. To see all the breathtaking and beautiful quilts in our gallery Click Here.